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Healthcare Solutions

The provision of healthcare benefits is a significant expense for employers and equally a very valuable benefit for employees. Therefore, one of the key considerations for both employers and employees is  whether their healthcare benefits represents ‘best value’ especially given the multitude of options now available on the market. 

For employers, with the complex structures of health plans which are constantly changing, is the healthcare offering aligned to the organisation’s overall compensation and benefits strategy? How does it compare to the benefits offered by their competitors?  For employees, are they claiming back the refunds on their medical bills and the tax reliefs on their premiums that they are entitled to? 

How can we help? 
Our range of services includes:  

1. Benefit Introduction and Benefit  Review Processes 

  • Draw up a Request for Proposal (RFP) and issue to providers 
  • Liaise with the provider to manage the selection process 
  • Draw up the criteria and scoring mechanisms for the selection process
  • Following the submissions and presentation, make recommendations

2. Market Intelligence

  • Provide information on the current themes and trends in the healthcare market
  • Benchmark the proposed and current arrangements
  • Provide advance notification of proposed changes in the markets and any implications for clients
  • Communicate any product innovations or new offerings to clients in a timely manner 

3. Communications and Education 

  • Deliver presentations to members regarding how to maximise the value of the benefits provided 
  • Provide one to one sessions for executive management teams
  • Oversee the implementation of the providers’ member communications and education programme 

4.     On-going Management 

  • Act as liaison with the provider for any ‘trouble- shooting’ or exceptional item that arises
  • Liaise with the client to review claims and absenteeism data to ensure benefits and wellness programmes are the most appropriate
  • Assess and provide feedback to the client on the provider’s performance  in advance of the next renewal date

Why us? 

To ensure our absolute independence and impartiality, all of our services are charged on a fee basis. These fees can be offset by commissions arrangements where they exist. Full disclosure on any of these arrangements will be provided to clients up front. 

We have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that our clients receive the most up to date and complete support and advice in this area. For more information on our services, please contact us to arrange an initial consultation where we will carry out a Fact Find on requirements and existing arrangements, where applicable.

Find out more: 
For more information on our services and/or to discuss your requirements in more detail, please contact: Tara Flynn on +353 1 407 4941 or at tara.flynn@willis.ie or Dermot Goode on +353 1 639 6322 or at dermot.goode@willis.ie

Tara Flynn
Tel: +353 1 407 4941
Email: tara.flynn@willis.ie