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Trustee Services

Acting on a sole basis, or as part of a trustee group, our trustee representatives ensure that schemes are properly administered; member’s rights are safeguarded and members and dependants receive the benefits they have earned. 

How we can help:
The key responsibilities for our trustee representatives include:

Operating the scheme in accordance with trust law, the Pensions Act and the scheme’s trust deed and rules;
Acting in the best interests of the beneficiaries and making effective trustee decisions relating to the schemes;
Taking advice as required and acting prudently, diligently and in good faith;
Overseeing the delegated functions - investment and administration of the scheme;
Reviewing reports and decisions;
Providing practical and insightful support.
Trustee Training Services

Why us?
Our trustee representatives are committed to providing first class trusteeship services to clients and are among the most experienced actuaries, legal and qualified investment professionals in Ireland.   
Services provided by:
Trustee Principles Limited
Willis Trustsure Limited
Planlife trustee Services Limited 

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Bruce Mullen
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